Bridging the Distance, A People Spot For Albany Park

Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events


Kedzie Avenue and Leland Street in Albany Park


DCASE Year of Public Art 50/50 Neighborhood Arts Program with 33rd Ward with additional funding from Enterprise Community Foundation

Scope and Approach

Three year urban design team design-build project for a semi-permanent “People Spot” permitted through the Chicago Department of Transportation’s Make Way For People program. Steps in the youth-led design-build process included: conceptual design (2016), design development and low-budget prototyping (2016-17), full scale mock up and fabrication (2017), siting, permitting, installation and deinstallation of the People Spot (2019). Territory Urban Design Team developed the project in collaboration with the North River Commission, Albany Park Neighbors, SSA #60, and the 33rd Ward. In-kind assistance from Goodfriend Magruder Structure and Skender


Youth residents, community members, and local businesses in the 33rd Ward
Budget: $15,000




10’ w x 25’ l x 7’ h


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Propose a Collaboration

Working in public, Territory youth collaborate with community partners, city agencies, artists, architects and planners as they develop their ideas from vision to reality