Programs For
Young People

Young designers making the city a healthier place for diverse communities.

Pathways to Leadership through design

Territory Urban Design Team (Associates) is an intro program for high school students ages 14-19 interested in gaining new skills doing urban design, public art and community engaged planning projects. TUDT teaches the principles of design and collaboration through small hands on projects. Pay: stipend. Requires Territory application and After School Matters application.

Territory Advanced Design Studio (Junior Associates) is for young people ages 16-24 who have design or community experience through Territory or other programs. TADS participants are planning and building Territory projects and taking leadership roles in their community. Pay: hourly minimum wage. Requires Territory application and One Summer Chicago application may also be required.

Territory Internship for Design Equity (Senior Associates) is post school programming for Territory Designers who are in their first few years after graduating. It is ideal for students interested in design fields like architecture, planning, and other related fields to Territory projects. TIDE provides opportunities for mentorship and networking with career professionals by providing a survey internship of Territory design partner firms and associates and a built in design development and proposal process. (Hourly wage – above Chicago minimum)

Illinois Housing Action- AmeriCorp VISTA is a program open to Territory participants after highschool graduation interested in serving to help end poverty and strengthen communities while connecting to organizations and building their professional skills. Pay: federally funded stipend with additional awards for school and living post service experience. Requires recommendation and interview by Territory, and AmeriCorps VISTA application.

Reflections from the Team

When prompted:

Do you believe you can make a difference in your community through your involvement with Territory?

"Yes, by having small changes lead to big ones"

"I can make a difference through my community by introducing teens to Territory, inspiring them to get involved in programs similar to this."

"Yes, by building and creating things to put within the community."

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Propose a Collaboration

Working in public, Territory youth collaborate with community partners, city agencies, artists, architects and planners as they develop their ideas from vision to reality